October 10th, 2004

serious Oracle

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It is grey and chilly and threatening rain. But, Don ran half an hour on the treadmill the other night, and I only ran 25 minutes (2 1/2 miles). So, I've talked him into going to the Duck Ponds to run outside. Yeah, yeah, I know. Competetive when I don't need to be. And I know I'm not in fantastic shape, but I am all set to delude myself that I can keep up with my husband. Should be fun! And by fun, I mean humiliating.

In other news, we had a clean up day at the Faire site yesterday. Nick and I tackled the Joust closet and surrounding area. We picked up about six bags of trash, made a pile of larger refuse (including spent balsa), cleaned out the storage trailer and then filled it with lances, the sawhorses we use for our tack, various joust props, flags, spare balsa slats and so forth. We then screwed a tarp over the doorless doorway. Then - and this is revolutionary stuff! - we move all of the equipment from the field (lance racks, quintains, ring stanchions, jump posts) and stored it in the stalls. Yes, everything is now stored under cover for the winter. Who would've thunk?

Every backstage area got cleaned out, as well, and the sun shades taken down and folded away. This is going to make the spring cleanup EVER so much better.

Oh, and then I sang at Forest of Fear. And danced. eep. No lives were lost, so I call it a win.

Right. Off to run, now.