September 20th, 2004

serious Oracle

Weekend the Seventh

So. Rain. Lots of it. And chill. Grand!

Don and I had opted to stay home Friday evening. It promised to be chilly, and rain had been forecast (downgraded to a tropical depression, Ivan was moving up the east coast). Glad we did! It was a wild night, indeed. In my snug bed, nestled up to my husband and two kitties, I could barely sleep. The wind kept shifting, flinging sheets of rain against the windows. The sound of the rain itself was astounding, slamming against the earth and shuddering the trees. My heart went out to those braving the elements in flimsy nylon tents.

Long entry ahead. How long? Tolstoy would tell me to trim it back a bit.

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And there you have it, save all the great bits I inevitably forgot. Which reminds me… if you came to the show, and I forgot to mention it, just remember that 1. I’m mad busy during the day and 2. I’m old and forgetful. I specifically refer to a most delightful visit from uberlibra that I did not remark upon, and in general to all who have brought me joy with their presence.
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