September 17th, 2004

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The cast party is tomorrow night. Lewis' germ of an idea has spread, and all are being encouraged to 'dress to the nines.'

Thing is, I really don't have anything suitable, nor do I have the time (nor money) to go shopping. Too, we're in the woods. And it might rain.

Now then, I did find something in one of my bins in the attic that might do, but I'm uncertain. First, it shows some of my back; most of it is okay, but there is a part with psoriasis smack-dab at the bottom of the opening. I'm hoping that poor lighting would cover that up. Secondly, since there is an opening at the back, I'd have to go sans bra. Not sure that would be a good idea.

what to do, what to do?
serious Oracle

pinched from nimue9

This makes me happy!

"Fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be
your slave"-Jareth

Your'e romantic and you may say intelligent things
sometimes but it usually confuses those who do
not understand. Don't worry you might even be
the next Shakespeare. Well i could be
completely wrong, maybe your not romantic, well
you seem to be!

What Labyrinth quote are you!?
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Here is why my horse wins the Cuteness Award:

Before riding today, we pulled Oso's back shoes. As you know, they were loose, and the farrier was due to come today or tomorrow. Or Sunday. Anyway, no shoes were better than loose shoes. Trouble is, it really threw Oso off. He was walking strangely (might've be in part to the small cut above his front right hoof, too); it was worse when I was actually on him. So, after working the other horses, we medicated and bandaged his cut and put Os and Dante in the pony paddock.

Now then, the horse's regular paddocks are a swampy mess. There is little drainage (we're working on getting that fixed for next year!) and we've had lots of rain. So, when we turned the two horses into the level, dry, grassy enclosure, Oso's ears pricked up. He curved his neck. His tail flagged. He took off at a dead run, kicking and bucking and twisting. He stopped, head high, before tearing off again. He extended his forelegs, stiff and unbent, like a mustang stallion. He only stopped this jubilant activity to - you guessed it! - eat.

Kevin the farrier came not long after, so we brought Oso up to the tack house to be shod. He stood there rather patiently (he's really so very good about the process!) as Kevin set up his equipment, including his 'fly spray'- that is, his fan. It is brilliant, really, and yet so simple: the fan blows the flies away. So, there Oso stood, the fan blowing at him. His eyes were half closed; no doubt he was thinking "I'm running in the Kentucky Derby. I'm the fastest horse in the world! Feel that wind against my face!"

Then, he lowered his head to the level of the fan. He stood there for several minutes, letting it blow his forelock back. After a little while, he lipped up a fallen leaf, let it go to toss in the fan's breeze, picked it up again...

Yeah. He was actually playing with the fan. Cutest horse, ever.
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