September 8th, 2004

serious Oracle

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Y'know, all my Injury and Angst posts to the contrary, I'm having a really good summer.

Now if I can just get my butt in gear with my writing...
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serious Oracle

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A phone conversation, today:

Customer: "Do you have story reading for children at your library?"
Me: "We're a bookstore, and yes, we have storytime at 11 and 4."
Customer: "So you only have it on Tuesdays?"
Me: "It's actually Wednesday today, but we also do storytime on Mondays at 11."
Customer: "And you're located in the __________ Mall?"
Me: "No. That's Borders. We're a free standing store on ___________."
Customer: "I don't know."
both of us: "Third base!"

Okay, the last two lines I just made up.