September 7th, 2004

serious Oracle

Weekend the Fifth

Yes, the marathon weekend! The three-dayer. Oh, yeah. Funny, you’d think with three days of performance, I’d have so much to write about. I guess exhaustion pushed anything of note out of my head. Ah, well. Here goes nothing. (note: I’ve now finished my blithering and find that I remembered a great deal more than I had anticipated. In other words, this is LONG!!!)

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So… an epic-length entry for a novella-length weekend. I’m going to go soak in an Epsom-salt bath and think healing thoughts.
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    "Oh, this is the place with the Fisherman's Platter!"
serious Oracle


the bad and the good:

The bad- so much moisture that there is mildew on the siding of the outbuilding, as well as underneath the frelling dining room chairs. Cleaner, Lysol, and adding a second dehumidifier to the shopping list should help.

The good - two fawns, one very young, the other old enough that his spots are beginning to fade, leaping and playing on our lawn. Occasionally they stopped to eat, only to break that off for another bout of play. The older one finally wandered off (presumably back to the field that borders the southern side of our lawn, and thus his mum) while the younger curled up, sleepy, to nibble at an itch on his shoulder.

All that and leftover (and if I may say, kick-ass) pork stew with multi-grain garlic bread.

Oh, yeah.
serious Oracle

I knew I'd forget something!!!


I forgot to mention the special Monday 5:00 Wench set. Kel would be so sad did I not call attention to this. She was, after all, so poised, so composed, so... ah, screw it. She was doomed!!!!

Chant was there, as always, for 'Seven Nights Drunk.' Two verses in, out strides Tuck (who filled in when Chant was to be riding out for the Second Joust two weeks past). Shortly after, out came the Sheriff (aka Lewis, who, as Will Scarlett, had done this song before). Then... Juris. Another vet of the song.

It would have been truly perfect had they managed to get JT. As it was - still a thing of beauty. The wenches were doubled over laughing. Kel was broken, but in a good way. The audience was INSANE over it.

What tops this?

I'm thinking: absolutely nothing.