August 30th, 2004

serious Oracle

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It is a warm summer evening, and the rain is pounding against my roof.

Supper is simmering on the stove. My love will be home soon. I just spoke with the dearest of friends for a good long while.

Sometimes, life is so very very good.
serious Oracle

Weekend the Fourth

The update you all have been waiting for!
First of all, the Black Eye update: by Thursday, the swelling subsided. Not so the brilliantly coloured bruises. Come Saturday morning, I still had a perfect half-circle of maroon under my left eye, with a bloom of green and yellow near the corner. There was no covering that; any makeup I might apply only dimmed it a bit, and as the weather promised to be hot and humid, said makeup would only melt off.

Friday night was the annual Superhero party. I wore black jeans, boots and a tank, threw on some very specific black eyeliner and an ankh and went as Death (“-warmed over,” thanks to the Black Eye).

But back to hot and humid…

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