August 21st, 2004

serious Oracle


What the frell?

Eight seasons I've done the 'Rain or Shine!' Faire, and today we actually got rained out. Definitively. I've been drenched at faire, many a time, but never quite like this. And it was absolutely relentless. Mayhap 100 or so patrons were still hanging about when they made the call to close (and the tornado watch might have aided that decision). The joust field was a swamp. I wanted to construct balsa slats and hitch Dante up for water skiing.

Bunny, you should be really happy you weren't here today.

Hung about and had a beer or two with some of the cast and the KICK ASS squires; Kyle was visiting - hooray! Then I took laundry home. I am not leaving that to the vagaries of the costumer; people whom I love, and who do not have access to a dryer, WILL have dry shirts and tights tomorrow. ::harumph!::

Now I'm home and mostly dry and longing for a hot bath. Tomorrow should be ever so much happier, weather-wise.
serious Oracle

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So, I was just looking at tomorrow's forecast on

Can anyone tell me what this round, orange-yellow sphere is? I've only seen it masked by grey clouds and stylized rain and lightning. Hmmm. Am I the only one thinking of a certain Ray Bradbury short story? (made me weep buckets as a child, by the bye)

That being said, I know the grounds will still be soggy, but PLEASE!!! I want to do my fights. I want to joust. I want to wear the bodice that makes me look slender. Really, now! ::stamps foot::
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