August 18th, 2004

serious Oracle

stoopid arts and crafts!

There once was a tradition of giving favors to children who attended 'Join Robin's Band." Last year, and indeed, I believe, the year before, we gave up on that notion. It was a question (for me, at least) of time and of money.

Well, this year I was determined to resurrect that tradition. The favor in question is quite simple: a wooden bead with 'R-H' written on it in green marker, which is then knotted onto a length of green ribbon. Easy, yes?

One would think. Only the stores I bought the beads at have not restocked. I've hit half a dozen craft stores to no avail. At last I found a place online and ordered a goodly amount of them. Now I just have to pick up more ribbon (I think another 20-25 spools will finish off what I have) and beg, plead and bake cookies that I might enlist help in the making of the favors. bunnymcfoo helped me with a batch. I do have some volunteers among the Faire cast, which is lovely. I've spent my afternoon inscribing the beads and cutting ribbons, then packaging them up groups of 100 in ziploc bags. That way, my beloved volunteers need only worry about the knotting process.

It is a bit of a pain, yes, and I know I'm whinging. But when I get the return-kids who are wearing their RH favors from years past, it makes it entirely worth it.

And I'll say it again: I'm really frelling lucky I get to play this role.
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serious Oracle

ah, ye olde friends list!

I'm trimming it back a bit. Please, do not take this personally! I'm only tidying up a bit, as 'twere, and I believe I'm only removing those who I've not actually had any sort of interaction with of late. If I have set you free and you still wish to be on said list, reply or send me a note to that effect.