August 5th, 2004

serious Oracle

Worth it for the last line

Your experience at RenFaire
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ºF 36
The weather: Hot
Degree of sunburns: 3rd
You will need, but will have forgotten: Money
You will be attacked with a blunt sword by: fireyfox
Most memorable event: The jousting horse attempting to break free in the middle of a show
This quiz by modernorpheus - Taken 224 Times.
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serious Oracle

borrowed from yami_shadows

the scar you're most proud ofThe tiny, almost invisible one on my elbow from my first performance joust
your favourite condimentDijon mustard
if you have frecklesA smattering - I am of Irish descent, after all
your preferred method of cookingOften!!!! So hard to choose, but I suppose I am a simmer girl (soups and stews all the way!)
what shoes you're wearingNone
how many children you haveTwo kitties
the first person you french kissedEep. Paul. I was in college. Can we all say LATE bloomer?
your preferred breed of dogBorder Collie
where you were bornHamilton, NY
what colour underwear you're wearingPlaid
where your keys are right nowOn the stone mantle of my fireplace
if you have split endsNo! I just got my hair cut last week and I am all atwitter about that. Truly.
when you last got laidLast week (may have to amend this later ;) )
your opinion on airline foodThe wee sandwich I got last time made me laugh out loud
what cosmetic surgery you would considerI'd consider the works - honestly. Sometimes I want so desperately to be beautiful. I'd never actually do it, though.
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onSwings!
your worst maladyPsoriasis
if your mum loves your dadSo very much.
if you can sing wellWell enough. Certainly better than I used to.
what your olympic event would beThree-day eventing.
someone you admireIn my own circle, Kelley and Candace. In the larger world - any number of amazing writers, including Neil Gaiman and Robin McKinley.
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapI tank at locating certain countries in Africa.
the last time you criedLast night, finishing "Captain Jenny and the Sea of Wonders"
your most interesting sexual congress locationI'm fairly dull - in a tent in the woods.
part of the Sunday papers you read firstThe Book Review.
the languages you speakEnglish and "Kelspeak." Restaurant Spanish and song-lyric Irish as well.
the religion you were raised inBe good to others and know there is some higher power.
if you can draw wellI have the potential to, but I've not worked at it.
your favourite photographAt the risk of sounding egotistical, a shot of me, in armour, riding down the list on Oso; I'm bringing my lance down for the hit. Gorgeous.
what you should be doing instead of thisMaking favours to give the kiddies at "Meet Robin Hood's Band"