August 2nd, 2004

serious Oracle

Ah, Dress Rehearsal weekend.

It was by turns productive and alarming. The weather was miserably hot and humid and we sweated by the bucket-load. I’m aching in pretty much every muscle. But, the show is ready. Mostly.

Costumes are another matter entirely. I’m not going to say anything more on that. I might cry. Or hit something. Not just on my own behalf, either.

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Now I shall be off to take my freaky horse for a trail ride. Hopefully that will loosen up some of my muscles. Sheesh, but I’m sore.
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serious Oracle

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For those of you following the gripping saga of Mari and her Unpredictable Joust Horse, here is another installment:

We went for a trail ride today. Oso was less than enthusiastic. It was hot, there were a lot of flies and he had worked this past weekend (not all that hard, mind, but he is the Big Comfy Couch of the horse world and so any activity may be considered... well, considerable). Add to that that we were really low on fly spray and you have a mount that was not terribly happy.

He was still a wee bit wonky. I don't know if that was a holdover from yesterday, but we soldiered on. Naturally, once we reached the end of our trail and turned for home, he was rather more energetic. He's not a dumb beast; he knows where the sweet feed is. I would have run him more, but it was very hot out. He actually was most displeased whenever I reined him in. Nick had told me that Oso and Dante like to race. I'd never really experienced it before. Big, lumbering Oso surged ahead any time Dante nosed in front of him. There was speed there that I've never seen - we barely touched it on the trail today.

I want to really run him out somewhere, now.

When we got back, I bathed him and he had a good head-skritch on my back. I'm still a bit worried about him in the show, but it was nice to have a day of non-joust riding.
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