July 25th, 2004

serious Oracle


Don't tell anyone I'm here!

It is the middle of a Faire rehearsal day. I'm in my high boots and overskirt, still smelling of horse and fly spray, typing this in.

I feel so naughty!!!!

Now to grab the CD I came for and head back.
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serious Oracle

Frell me!

Only two weeks (or rather, twelve days) until opening.

Yup, we've just one more weekend of rehearsal, and then it is Showtime!

Reasons to be concerned are myriad: there is no script for 'Meet the Band,' the horses are not yet reshod and thus were unable to be really worked this weekend, we've rehearsed both Living Chess Games all of twice, I've gone to a mere fifteen minutes of an improv workshop, costumes are not yet a go...

I know there is more. I just can not bear to really think on it.

On the brighter side of things: the scenes are shaping up nicely. Joust 2 promises to be truly spectacular. I love my fights and my fight partners.

And I'm finding that I am going to passionately miss playing Marian. I could weep to think of it. But I will not, for I've nine more weeks of her. I'm going to savour every moment and be grateful for the great gift this role has been.
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serious Oracle

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So, physically speaking, this weekend was interesting.

Couldn't ride yesterday (horses hooves too long, buggrit). We did rehearse the first joust, only on foot. When it came time to 'run passes,' I, like an ass, went to the end of the list. I looked up only to see the other three jousters at a makeshift list - a lance on the ground. Of course. Felt like an eejit. I did NOT take time to walk the joust list, with lance and shield at the end of the day. Lazy me.

Chess Game 1 was given a fair amount of reherasal time. That's the one with my rapier/dagger fight, so I was delighted. That was pretty much it, though, and I went home feeling tired but not having been physically challenged.

Today, we rode the horses a bit despite overlong hooves. We were to work Joust 2, and it was the first time we had the tympani, a crowd of people and the microphones for the dialogue. Add that to my inexplicable nerves (the moment the drums started, my stomach hit my knees and I was sure I was going to yak) and you had one freaked out horse. Yes, my lovely, sweet steed, Oso, FLIPPED. He raced hell bent for leather along the list. Open field passes were a blur. He almost plowed into the fence in the stage right pocket. He swerved, he crowhopped, he took the bit and pretended I was not on his back at all.

Thanks to this extraordinay performance, I uttered words I never thought I would hear, much less say myself: "Oso coming in hot!" What I can say is that I think I rode it well. That'll do.

When riding him later (to pratice tossed rings for the VERY FIRST time), he was fine. Nearly fell asleep. Either my horse was coming off of a coke-high, or he really had been unsettled by the crowds of the morning. In any event, I was beyond gratified to find that the tossed-ring event is going to be far less difficult than I anticipated.

Had Chess 2 rehearsal; all was well. Then, with some downtime, Nick and I walked the list (only up on the High Road, as the spectacular was rehearsing on the joust field) Then we ran the perimeter of the Faire, sprinting the last bit by Roselawn. Then we did pushups. Ran again, but only to the Rogues' Gallery stage.

I was happy about that - the running and the exercise. I am panicky about being unfit for the role. I need to be fit fit fit!!!!!!!