July 18th, 2004

serious Oracle

Rain? on a rehearsal day?

What a surprise!

Not fun. Rain spitting down most of the day, pouring on us at other times. Normally I would not mind so, it is just that last season was so frelling miserable. I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but at a guess I would say two-thirds of the performance days were rainy (usually in the extreme). I'm worried that this summer will be the same, though in my heart of hearts I am certain it will not. Fate would not be so cruel!

We started with the ground fight for Joust 2, plugging in folk who had missed last weekend. I would like to state here and now that I simply adore our Will Scarlett, Lewis is a joy to work with, and I love swinging a sword. Random joyousness, that.

Yesterday we worked out the logistics of Joust 1 (games and passes); today we attacked Joust 2. It's going to be sweet, but dammit and bugger, I have NINE passes. I felt like a badass tough girl since I had eight last year. One more may not sound like anything, but believe you me, it is. ::sigh:: Looks like I'm really going to be walking the list every single time I am on site or even driving by the Faire. My goal is to have at least five shows with a 100% hit rate - including solid lances. That means accuracy (and confidence), and that in turn means strength. This will happen.

I'm going to start bringing my running shoes to the rehearsals as well. I so very much wanted to leave early today (once my scenes and fights were done) to go home and hit the treadmill. I didn't, though. Guilty, I suppose. I went to the joustfield and walked the list. I ran from the costume shop to the tack house (in boots... my shins hate me right now) to see what I could to up there. From here on, I'll use that down time to run the paths of the faire. I will get in shape. No blobby Marians allowed.

Got to chat with some of the First Years. I do so adore Raleigh, and had a lovely talk with the village baker. Bull (one of the Sheriff's guards) is a complete wiseass, and so we get on swimmingly. Also had words with some of the returnees, but that will wait for another entry. I need to sort out some of those conversations, and I am far too knackered to attempt that at present.

Suffice it to say that it was a good day. Exhausting, damp and grey, but good.
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