July 13th, 2004

serious Oracle

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Vivid dreams of late. I mean... VIVID.

Question to the storytellers - is it a bad idea to write based on your dreams? I have heard that one tends to think one's dreams are a great deal more interesting than they are, in fact.

Not sure I buy that.

Not always.
serious Oracle

today's tally

Walked the list seven times, then twice with just the car door shield. Forgot to wrap my wrist beforehand and will be paying for that the next few days.

I'm forgoing the treadmill; I feel a bit ill. I ought to suck it up and do it as I have very early work and very late rehearsal tomorrow. Ah, well.
serious Oracle

I am such a weenie

The movie Signs is on cable right now. Don is watching it. So, as we ate dinner, I watched part of it as well. Now, I've seen it before.

I forgot how much it scared the snot out of me.

Have I mentioned I've already seen it?

I'm all wobbly. I anticipate nightmares. Frell!!!!!!!!!
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