July 10th, 2004

serious Oracle

dusty, hot and sweaty, reporting in

On site rehearsal, the first:

The weather was glorious: partly cloudy, highs around ninety (fahrenheit), reasonable humidity, light breeze...

But MAN, we worked our butts off! Started with Chess Game 1. Robin helped Hood and I finish our fight. Ends up it is absolutely adorable, a four-part disarm (first daggers, then rapiers) with us getting progressively closer as each weapon goes. Very sweet. And the script for the game is quite good.

So, we ran fights over and over, and ran the game four times through, until 1:30 lunch break. Then it was gathering weapons for the ground fight and on to the joust field!

I love fighting on the joust field, especially in rehearsal. Don't quite know what it is. The sun. The dust. The scent of chamomile. Of horses. Whatever it is, it is a joy.

There was an hour of riding time in there. Oso was being pricky, but otherwise it went well. The games are going to be brill.

After riding was more fight time. Hopefully it will all time out well. Right now, I'm leaving poor Hood hanging as I finish stumbling through the moves with Gisbourne. Meh. NEED. TO. BE. THERE!

I'm going to go to sleep with happy thoughts on this. After all, tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it. And all may yet be very well.

I'll tell y'all this, though. Someone better drop the negative 'tude, or the butt-kicking may just become real.
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