June 28th, 2004

serious Oracle


The outbuilding, she is electric! Yes, one month and one week after moving in, the outbuilding (which we will be using as a gym and comic book repository) has been wired to the main electric box in the house proper. I'm too blasted weary to set it up and get my flabby thighs on the treadmill this evening, but tomorrow is a definite.

Too, we retrieved the Honda from CT this Friday past. It has shiny new NY plates and an equally shiny "Pass" sticker from the inspection station. Now to get both cars to the insurance inspection... but ah, nearly there! It feels so lovely!

I finally got through the four boxes of assorted crap that has been sitting in my office since we moved. Took a few other things up to the attic as well. Baby steps, I know, but it does mean I am that much closer to having the house in decent order.

My kitties are content. I'm nearly done with the purple scarf I'm crocheting. I have a stack of books to read that is most promising. Leftover chicken, tomato and white bean stew is reheating on the stove and there is a fresh loaf of wheat bread waiting to accompany it. Scene work was good yesterday. I finished all but a tiny section of the NYTimes Sunday crossword (in pen, of course!). Don's shoulder is not seriously injured. My joust steed is lovely. I love fighting with rapier dagger.

So many, many happy things.