June 21st, 2004

serious Oracle

Third time's the charm

Or so I hope. I'm going to try to get the Saturn registered - again. WIsh me luck!

Then, if you want to send extra luck, I just might be able to get it inspected today as well.
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serious Oracle


The Saturn is registered and inspected. Hopefully, I can get the Honda done next Monday. Oh, and the guy at the inspection station was so very nice. He went to check my plates. "Sorry!" I held the NY plates in my hand. "I came directly from the DMV." "No problem," he replied. "We can put those on for you!" Thus eliminating the slapstick-comedy portion of my day to have been titled "Wherein Kel attempts license plate installation." Also eliminating the ensuing hilarity.

In other news, I can not, as I had previously been told, change the status of my state taxes for work over the phone. And EZpass is being an asshat.

I'm going to go watch West Wing commentary and crochet.