June 18th, 2004

serious Oracle

Two good things

1. I got the Honda registered. I have the plates and the temporary registration card in my car. That means Don and I can go to CT to get the car next Friday, and I can have it inspected the following Monday.

A less-than-good offshoot is that, yet again, I had incomplete paperwork for the Saturn. Meh. I'll have to go back AGAIN to finish it up. *sigh*

2. I got a library card. Now it feels as if I'm officially a resident of this charming little town. It's a tiny library, to be sure, but there are interior brick arches and some lovely woodwork. Since there is a decided lack of space, books are just everywhere. It is thoroughly delightful.
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serious Oracle

The third good thing

3. I went for a hike. Just half an hour up in the woods behind my house. I took my camera so that I can show y'all what loveliness lies therein. Armed with only the aforementioned camera, a bottle of water and my house key, I set off on the path I thought would lead to the reservoirs. Alas, after five minutes or so it opened onto someone's yard. I'll have to ask the previous owner of my own house about the 'Reservoir Path.' I retraced my steps and turned off onto the Waterfall Path, stopping every so often to take a picture. I had just slipped my camera back into its case when a deer crossed my path. We looked at each other for a moment. I slowly reached for my camera. The deer flipped its tail and trotted away. bah.

By this time, I heard the waterfall. I paused to take one more shot: the path, flanked on both sides by tall, straight trees and carpeted with ferns. Then, I heard it, a whizzing whine that could only mean one thing: I was out of film. As I'd brought nothing other than camera, water and key, I was out of luck. The waterfall that had been my ultimate goal for this hike was there, twenty feet away, and I had no frelling film. Again, bah.

Guess I'll just have to go back soon, yes?