June 15th, 2004

serious Oracle

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First of all: What gives with our new RH leaving rehearsals early or not showing up for them at all? ::harumph::

I had my first fight rehearsal tonight. Next week's slot was cancelled, as said new RH was going on a family vacation, but it was all good as we had two hours to choreograph the lot tonight. Only he never showed. No message for me, either on my cell or at home, and no message for Dan (the choreographer). Again, ::harumph::

On the bright side, I had a really good time tonight. Dan was in a good mood; the choregraphy process was relaxed and - dare I say? - fun. And you know, rapier and dagger are my weapons. I've fought with many different weapons and combinations, but r/d is just right. The fight itself is going to be flirty/competitive/romantic, as it has to drive the scene to a specific conclusion. There are a few silly phrases, and then two travelling phrases that are just lovely. They cover ground, and the moves are clean, crisp and very interesting. There were a few moves that continued to trip me up; I figured I needed to get them locked into my muscle memory and I'd be fine. Dan actually took the time to suss out why it wasn't flowing naturally and fixed the problems. When I continued to grit my teeth over poor targeting, or forgotten moves, he made me stop. Told me - ah - let us just say he said very nice things about my fight skills. I'm not so comfy with the tooting-my-own-horn thing.

It was a good night. What a lovely surprise.
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