June 12th, 2004

serious Oracle

Like a gift from the Gods

There is a sizeable, undeveloped parcel of land behind our property. The former owner of this house told us that there is a trail that leads to three reservoirs within a 25 minute hike. Yesterday, Don and I decided to take a quick walk along that path to see what we could see.

What we saw, at first, was an old stone wall, loads of ferns (yay!) and some (though really not alot of) trash. Further on, the path opened up to accomodate the four-wheelers that we always hear on the weekends. And the path split. Heh. I had thought it was just a straight shot to the reservoirs, but no. So, we wandered on, noting a random birch tree here, a lightning-scorched pine there, a sun-lit meadow just through the trees. The paths continued to branch, and we were about to turn back when we heard running water. We went down a rather steep slope to find a GORGEOUS waterfall (I will take photos, I promise!) and stream. All this, and so much yet unexplored, right in my backyard.

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