May 30th, 2004

serious Oracle

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Homeowner Kelly here, reporting in to let you know all that has been accomplished these past two days:

-Yard has been mowed and grass clippings carted to the mulch pile
-Attic fan located, adjusted and found to be working just fine, thank you
-Plans to rent storage space because of no-longer-necessary repairs to attic abandoned
-Several boxes of china and other fragile stuff moved to attic
-Old, worn (but free!) patio furniture cleaned and repainted poppy-red
-windowboxes painted same colour
-flagstone patio swept
-towel racks and extra shelves installed in bathroom
-two final carloads of stuff moved from old apartment (Christmas stuff is still there; will get next week)
-barbecue at a friend's house; made my potato salad and ate far too much of it
-laundry, laundry, laundry
-bound all empty cardboard boxes into neat bales for recycling
-plans to empty more boxes within the next few hours
-shelves in my office put together; one set of shelving is waiting on another trip to Ikea for completion
-tools that have been living in the 'dining room' put away
-kitties throughly skritched
-picked up mail at post office and met our carrier, Richard
-new mailbox emblazoned with our name and house number
-new mailbox installed

No doubt I've neglected to list a few tasks. No matter. 'Tis off to open boxes of books and papers and random articles from my old office and find homes for them in the new. Somehow I sense this will be the work of a few days.
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