May 20th, 2004

serious Oracle

Packing? Not so much fun

Especially on the heels of work, rehearsals and a wedding.

I'm not even done packing up my office yet. Then there is the remainder of stuff in the kitchen, all of my clothes and various crud that is lying around. I am, however, feeling very virtuous that I have several parcels sealed up, addressed and ready to go to the post office. I may take a break to fun them over this afternoon. There will be a couple of parcels still due people. Bear with me, y'all. I'll get to it!

Back to candles. How the frell did I wind up with so many candles?
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serious Oracle

I found it!

There, buried beneath sports bras and tank tops, was my several-weeks-lost Silver Knight pendant.

I've never jousted a show without it on (save for the first 'exhibition' joust). I was playing it cool and reasonable: it isn't a bit of jewelry that makes the show, that keeps me safe - it is my own skill and that of my teammates. Mind, that didn't stop me from feeling immensely relieved that I found it before Wednesday next!

Back to my bureau. Perhaps I'll find all those lost earrings!
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serious Oracle

Adieu, Adieu

The computer will be packed away very soon. Hope to be back online within four or five days.

I'll miss you! Send happy thoughts my way, do you have them to spare!