May 17th, 2004

serious Oracle

just a quickie

I haven't updated in days, and much has happened. No time for that now, as I must pack.

However, I was up working at the house today and found that we have an ant 'situation.' On my dearest's suggestion, I went in search of bug foggers (bug bombs, call them what you will). Thus, I finally got to check out a charming hardware store in Florida, NY, that our realtor had pointed out. Very nice folk, great selection... but that's not why I'm posting.

I decided that instead of retracing my route, I'd find another way home. I have to get to know the area sometime, yes? So I continued on through town, came to a road that sounded vaguely familiar and had a sign declaring 'Warwick, thataway.' Onto a winding road lined with astonishingly green and lush trees (we've had a fair amount of rain lately). That opened onto a huge plain, rimmed about by the rolling mountains. I'd stumbled into the black dirt fields. Lots of onions grown there, so I hear, and a great deal of other produce.

Some parcels haven't yet been touched, but others were freshly turned. The scent of damp earth was on the warm breeze. The tilled fields looked like velvet, chocolatey dark. Others were showing the first faint mist of green.

I'm going to live in an absolutely beautiful area. My heart aches, it is so full.