May 2nd, 2004

serious Oracle

Home Improvement, day the second

Later start today. ::grin!:: After a stop at Home Depot (paint shopping!), we: ~painted the living room/dining room and kitchen (colour: buttermilk, or thereabouts) ~painted the bathroom (colour: ashes of roses, at least that's how I thought of it) ~painted the bedroom (colour: sort of a periwinkle... surprisingly gorgeous!!!) ~began giving the kitchen cabinets a new coat of white paint... wow is this going to be tedious! ~covered exposed insulation in laundry 'room' ~removed old layers of wallpaper from freestanding section in kitchen ~hung new mirror in bathroom ~hung new medicine cabinet type thing in bathroom Not too shabby. I have kitchen and bedroom paint in my hair. I feel like Jilly Coppercorn, only far less beautiful and considerably taller. Tomorrow, I'll head up after the UV appointment. I have my to-do list. No idea whether I'll even scratch the surface. Still, I feel as if we accomplished a fair amount this weekend!
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