May 1st, 2004

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This homeowner stuff is frelling exhausting. Don and I accomplished quite a bit today, though. Between the two of us, we:

-made a trip to Home Depot for safety goggles (my size) and a few other items
-removed wooden countertop, set outside to await sanding and polyurethaining (sp? I've nary a clue)
-sanded said countertop
-peeled off old icky kitchen wallpaper
-removed cabinet hardware
-removed old damp ceiling boards and the equally damp insulation behind it in the 'once-was-a-garage-now-is-a-workshop'
-attmepted to install new doorknob on the Tardis (the outbuilding...we desperately needed a name for it), only to find that we need to drill new holes; will finish tomorrow
-cleaned kitchen windows
-dismanteled old crappy 'built-in' bookcases. much fun was had with crowbar!!!!
-installed new plastic-encased insulation in the 'once-was-a-garage-now-is-a-workshop'
-installed thingy... plastic thingy... like a little rubber skirt - I've no idea what it is called - at the base of the old garage door, as frost heaves have left gaps between the base of the door and the floor
-watered the rosemary planted yesterday
-made a second trip to home depot for primer, blue tape and white paint for the cabinets
-primered the living room and kitchen
-installed smoke/CO2 detectors

I'm sure I'm missing some tasks that were completed. Suffice it to say I am aweary but pleased.

Another big day tomorrow: we'll likely paint the primered areas. Possibly the bathroom as well. Mayhap the bedroom, almost definitely the kitchen cabinets. Don will make the laundry 'room' cat-friendly. For now, I'm heading for a nice warm bubble bath and a glass of chilled white wine.
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