April 30th, 2004

serious Oracle

One down. Kind of.

I wrote the School Days Morning Address, finally. It's not awful, but it's not brilliant either. I'm going to have Don take a look. He's really good at offering ideas and suggestions without taking it over entirely.

There is one line I kept in, just to see Don's reaction. hee.

Now, to crank out the Knighting Ceremony, get feedback, do my alterations and LO! I can focus on work. And my other writing. And rehearsals. And joust training. And moving. And K & A's wedding. After all, in a few more weeks, it's going to get busy.
serious Oracle

Scripts n' pics

I sent the first draft of the first script off to Chris.

I'm midway through the second script. I'll likely finish it tomorrow. I know, in my head, that I really ought not feel so horrible that this is not yet finished, and that the first script was in 'late.' After all, it is not as if I offered to write them. I was told that I would be writing them. ::harumph::

Now then... I have a good dozen pics (taken with my lovely Elph) of my new house, interior and exterior. I would love to share them with y'all. Here's the thing: apparently you need to have a place to upload said pics in order to display them here. I have no such place. I can get the photos on my desktop, but after that... I've got nothin'. again... ::harumph::
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