April 17th, 2004

serious Oracle

ah, spring! (and a reunion of sorts)

Today was absolutely lovely. Though the sky could not decide on cloudy or clear, and so tried each on alternately throughout the day, there was a warm breeze and the scent of green things on the air.

I was up at the Faire site today. We had a joust meeting at noon, followed by Karen and Alen's wedding shower at three. The former was quite productive, the latter a delightful opportunity to catch up with folk I've not seen in some time. Kelley and I went for a walk (two, actually!) to see the daffodils blooming on the wooded hillsides. They are not yet in full bloom. Here and there, an individual bloom glowed like a scrap of sunlight against the dull brown leaves and grey rock. Tiny purple flowers (I really must find out what they were) spangled the grass. We sat for a time (on the second walk) at Fanny and Marian's secret spot, atop a sheer rock outcrop near Forest Walk. We dangled our feet over the edge and chatted in our usual vein, by turns silly and catty and geeky and sincere - which tells you why I love talking to Kelley so.

We headed back over the Robin Hood Bridge. Recent rains have left the water high and mercifully algae-free. The geese are beginning to return. It's easy to get cranky about them; they leave their little droppings EVERYWHERE, including places we have to walk/sit/do shoulder rolls. There was a tiny group, eight or so, near the bridge. As we approached, they honked and moved away from us. I was delighted to see one of them limping on its right leg. No, I did not take joy in the misfortune of this creature! My delight was that of recognition. As annoying as the geese are as a whole, I know this one. I noticed it a few years back, this limping goose, and I worried after it. My worry diminished when I realized it had not been ostracized from the flock, and seemed to be in no pain. Now, it is back with the earliest of the returning flocks. The limping goose continues to thrive!

I also tickled the sleeping dragon once again. I am so never getting into Hogwarts.
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