April 16th, 2004

serious Oracle


Those of you who know how I loathe cell-phone-rudeness will understand my growl.

I was just at the store picking up a bottle of wine to go with dinner. The man in front of me was on one of those walkie-talkie thingies, as he'd been the entire time he was making his selection. I know this because I heard him, and his co-conversant, loud and clear and complete with those annoying little beeps. But you know what made this absolutely brilliant? The checkout guy was also on his cell phone.

THEN I went to the drugstore and grocery store. As I went to turn, someone (who had been sitting there the entire time I was approaching!) pulled out just as I got close. Big surprise, they were also on a cell phone. Something very like happened as I was coming home from the doctor's office yesterday.

So.. starting immediately, you are not allowed to be a stupid driver AND be on your phone while driving. You must choose one or the other. Thank you kindly.
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serious Oracle

Follow up to the "What should I make?" post

Thanks to all for your suggestions as to what I should make for the wedding shower. I did opt for cheesecake of the marble variety (sorry, Bunny-me-foo! I do still want your recipe; I just didn't get off my virtual butt to ask you for it in time) and mini-carrotcake-cupcakes. They're in the oven now, and the house smells of cinnamon.

I've got a veritiable wall of cream cheese sitting on my counter; between the frosting and the cheescake, I feel like I'm in a fort of silver bricks.
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