April 10th, 2004

serious Oracle

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Don and I had lunch with his mother and aunt today. It was a nice visit, except... his mom was absolutely insistent that we see 'The Passion of the Christ.' Oh, and pray to the Holy Spirit beforehand to make us open to it. A rather intense three-way discussion grew out of that. I stood there, trying to look attentive as opposed to unsettled.

Other than that, it has been a rather lovely day. I've been inexcusably lazy. I read bits and pieces of the NY Times and did most of the crossword puzzle. I poked about online. Just got off the treadmill (yay, me) where I ran 1.5 miles (slacker me). Lots of stretching, no weight work and very little abs.

As I'm disinclined to leave the house, dinner will have to be leftovers. I made a vat of lentil soup yesterday, and I think I have enough salad fixings and half of a whole-wheat baguette. Oooo... and I know I have a bottle of shiraz.

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