March 31st, 2004

serious Oracle

Harumph. and then some.

I haven't posted a real entry in several days. Part of it, I must confess, if a fear that I have no skill with words. I've been panicked about working on the rewrite my novel so desperately needs. I don't know that I can do it. Every book I read seems to point out to me how much of a hack I am, how lame my characters and how pallid my imagery. Self-doubt much, Kel? Truly, though, this is paralyzing me. I need to get the frell over it, to write something - anything - just to get my momentum going.

Right. I'll stop whinging about that and move on to whinging about something else.

Recording the third Crimson Pirates CD!!! I don't want to go into huge detail. I'll just tell y'all that, with a dozen of us on vocals and various instruments, it took FOREVER to set up. We ran through the first song ('Skye Boat Song') at least a dozen times. By the time we hit my first solo, we'd been in the studio for several hours. I sang 'Henry Martin' twice - it's all I had in me. My throat was ragged. I was exhausted. I sounded AWFUL. 'Tom o' Bedlam,' which doesn't even have to be pretty, is not much better. I could weep right now thinking about how bad I sound. Just plain BAD.

On the plus side, I was solid on the bodhran for 'Fire Marengo.'

That is all.