March 26th, 2004

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Last night was the final rehearsal before the CPs go into the studio to record CD#3: "Putrid and Disgusting."

Aside from fourteen people, half of whom have instruments, being crammed into a tiny studio apartment, it went pretty well. I kind of sucked monkey butt vocally, especially on 'Henry Martin,' but hey... I made it through mostly intact. The drumming on 'Fire Marengo' was gorgeous. Robin, Don and I were incredibly tight. There's not a lot I can do with the bodhran on that, as Don and Robin are playing pretty complicated rhythyms on conga and djembe, respectively. Were I to go all fancy, it would just muddy it up. Still, though my drumming be simple, yet 'tis fun to play.

Today has been mostly wasted. I'm a lazy, bloated sod. I spent a couple of hours sitting in front of the tv, watching reruns of 'The West Wing,' drinking green tea and cleaning tack. There is something very satisfying about cleaning tack. I ought to have done my boots while I was at it... ah, well. Oh, I also need a new bit. And a new headstall. I may need a new bridle all told, but since this one was free, I can't complain overly much.

I'm going to ooze toward the treadmill. Really, I am. Two miles, minimum, and may the cramps be damned.
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serious Oracle

Am I a menace to non-Faire society?

I just responded to a post on sheroes regarding jousting. I think I may have blithered on to an alarming degree.

Must I be stopped? Ought someone poke me with a sharp stick when I start chattering about horses and lances and quintains and lists?

I think, perhaps.... yes. Honestly. Who wants to hear all of that? Why can I not just give a two line answer and be done with it?

Sheesh. And I thought I'd avoided the whole 'jouster ego' thing. It is NOT all about me!!!

Y'all are on my friends list for a reason. If I ever get to going on about how brilliant I am because I can ride a horse and hold a long stick, it's your job to remind me that I'm not savng lives, here. I am lucky that I get to do something I love. I work hard to be good at it. I am not the Ren Faire equivalent of a rock star.

Right, then.