March 15th, 2004

serious Oracle

a few things you should know

*warning!* self-indulgent, pitying and pathetic post ahead.

but, should you be fond of such posts, here are those things you should know...

~I'm woefully out of shape. I lost thirty pounds last year. I looked pretty good. This winter past, I've gained 10 back. I really couldn't afford to do so. I'm trying to work out (when I can) but I my dietary regime has been abysmal. I'm 35, people. I really can't stand to be such a flabby, non-fit sack of gelatinous ick. Honestly.
~I'm in a state of panic regarding my writing. It's WEEKS since I got my first rejection letter... and have I attacked my MS? Have I attempted even the most cursory of revisions? I have not. Why? Fear. Fear that my first draft was the best I had in me. That I don't know how to do revisions, that I'm a hack who has no business even pretending she wants to be a writer because, frankly, she's just not frelling good enough.
~My. Skin. Sucks. And so goes my skin, so goes my appeal. That's the way it works in my head, anyway. I know, I know. I KNOW. But still...
~How do I do this grown-up stuff? I'm trying to hide my panic over this whole house-buying thing. Tomorrow I need to send the contract back to the lawyer, along with a HUGE, and I do mean HUGE check. I'm really not good at this. *whimper*

that is all. I'll spare you the rest of my whinging.
serious Oracle

a brighter day

Thanks to all you lovelies who responded to my last post. It really helped. *hugs to you all!*

I am feeling better today. I ran a heap o' errands, bought lots of frozen veggies and other good stuff at Trader Joes, mixed up a batch of carrot/zucchini/oatmeal muffins (which are baking as I type this) and went to my UV treatment. I still have to go to the library and the post office.

It's beautiful out. I'm going to run outside instead of on the treadmill today.

I also resolve to write something today. If it's not work on RH, that's all right. Anything will do for a kick-start.

Now I'm off to sort through my craft supplies (which I was supposed to do yesterday) and pack them away for the move.
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serious Oracle

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There. I ran two and a half miles, walked another half. Also ate one of the muffins, which proved delicious.

Off to the library, the craft store to get etching glop and a tiny squeeze bottle (yeah, 'packing the craft supplies' turned into a bit of play time instead) then making tacos on whole-wheat tortillas for dinner.

Somewhere in there I'm going to do crunches. Lots of 'em.