March 8th, 2004

serious Oracle

tangled up in knots

A while back, I decided I really wanted to learn how to knit. A woman I work with, who is Handicrafts-Personified, showed me the basics. Turns out, I sucked. My gauge was all over the place. Tension? Sometimes I had heaps of it. Sometimes I had none. I couldn't quite grasp the very simplest of instructions, so it seems. Then, this selfsame woman showed one of my managers the same basics, and that manager just zipped happily along. I felt like dren. Then I found out that the manager had been crocheting for years (not nonstop, of course, for how would she find time to manage a bookstore, or even drive a car of shower were that the case?)

In any event, it occurred to me that crocheting might be easier than knitting, and that if I learned to crochet, that might give me some handle on yarn-wrangling. Handicrafts-Personified grabbed a wee crochet hook and badly frayed yarn and gave me my first lesson (just doing that chain thang and single crochet stitch). I went out that day and bought a hook and some yarn, and I've found the odd five minutes to practice since. Much better going than the knitting, I might say, though not utterly brilliant. Still, I have hope. And it's rather fun!

If anyone has tips or suggestions, hit me with 'em.
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