March 6th, 2004

serious Oracle

Oh, goody... MORE closing costs!

We met our lawyer yesterday. He was quite nice, and very patient in deciphering the legal-ese in the contract so that we mere mortals might understand. He's more expensive than we had anticipated, but,.. eh. I'm almost numb to writing these big checks now.

Ok, not quite entirely numb. There was a $600 attorney's fee itemized in our closing costs. Turns out that is only for the mortgage company's lawyer. We'll still have our own attorney's fees to add to that. Swell.

Now back to my kitchen cabinets; I'm being a bit ruthless in getting rid of anything we haven't used in the last few years... and there is a LOT of that! I somehow ended up with about 15 pint glasses, 6 pilsner glasses, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer martini glass (I don't drink martinis!), two crockpots, a quesadilla maker (never opened), baguette pans (never used), egg cups (have I ever made soft-boiled eggs? NO), a fondue set that has been used once in the last seven years, a huge packet of blue and green flexi-straws, a stack of metal dinner plates, six Redwall pewter goblets and a light-up Aragorn goblet from Burger King.