February 17th, 2004

serious Oracle

hrrrmmph. rambling, dead ahead

I'm in one of those unsettled moods. I've gained far too much weight, and my plans to work out today were shot. Thus, I'm feeling unspeakably blobby and unhappy with myself.

On the plus side, I repacked all my Gran's china, with the intent of using some of it as my everyday dishes when we move. I hate the idea of having lovely things and never using them merely for fear they might break, or chip, or get scratched. Rubbish! It's simple Noritake, plain white with a silver rim, that my mum bought for her mother when she was stationed in Japan. I love the idea that using it connects me to my youthful Navy Nurse adventurous mum and my non-nonsense, salt o'the earth Gran. Gran wanted it to go to me. I should honour that by making use of it.

Don and I went through boxes and boxes of books. We sold back eight shopping bags worth at my store today, and gave four boxes to the library (with more to follow) and still my bookcases overflow. I ought to try to streamline things a bit more, but it's not so easy. Yes, yes... I know I have a British edition of 'American Gods' AND a signed first edition, but no book-loving soul could possibly ask me to choose! Then again, there are certain books that I've opted to send or give to friends, as they seem a good match.

I need to go through my kitchen stuff. Do I keep the larger wok when the smaller one has a much better cooking surface? How many large sautee pans do I really need? Should I be the one to answer that question? Do I keep the full set of eight balloon goblets, or the rather more graceful set that merely numbers six? Is Don going to relinquish that damned square griddle pan that doesn't disperse heat well but that he's had forever and so feels he should keep? ugh.

How did we end up with so much stuff? How is it that I can whine so endlessly about this?

Y'know, the thought came to me today that if the inspection reveals that this house is a bust, I'll feel 1. sad and 2. resentful that I've put so much time into sorting through/packing stuff (although I'd have to do this no matter when we move). That inspection better go swimmingly. Less than a week away...

rambling done for now!
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