February 5th, 2004

serious Oracle

*deep breath*

Okay. I'm feeling a little better. I still have several hours of my self-alloted 'wallowing' period, and dammit, I think I'm going to use them.

That being said, the rejection letter was really pretty positive. Certainly there are weaknesses and flaws in my story. Hellfires, the three chapters I sent weren't revised so much as cleaned up. They pretty much went straight from NaNo and into the big manila envelope. Don was impressed with the letter's contents. The editor liked the idea of the story, and offered to look at a resubmission after revisions. He enthusiastically pointed this out to me, whereupon I burst into tears and said, "I know, I know... but it's still a NO!"

I will revise. The story can be stronger, more dramatic, more interesting. Then, I'll shop around for agents, resubmit to Greenwillow, and keep plugging away.

Y'all can feel free to boot me in the ass about submitting my short stories, too. Please.

Thanks for listnening to me spew about this. You all deserve medals and warm cookies for putting up with me.