February 1st, 2004

serious Oracle


House hunting is frelling exhausting!

We looked at about a dozen yesterday (including two that would be okay, one that we fled from after viewing only two rooms (all I can say is... poor kitties! you deserve better owners!) and a beautiful turn of the century farmhouse that needs more work than we can possibly give it). We saw another today, a 20's farmhouse on a hilltop. The property is lovely, the view quite nice (the black dirt fields and distant mountains), but the interior of the house if just too cramped. If we're laying out a considerable sum - or rather, signing on for a considerable mortgage- it ought to be for something we love. Paint, minor alterations and repairs... these things we can deal with.

*sigh* I expected magic. I anticipated a miracle. Instead, I got reality, real-estate style.

The search will go on.