January 30th, 2004

serious Oracle

This house buying stuff is kind of:


Don and I had a chat, over beer and mediocre food at our local (which I will miss when we move!). We talked about what was important to each of us, in choosing a house. He'd printed out a 'wish list' that he'd found at some real estate site online. This was actually kind of fun.

Not so much fun: our mortgage payments may exceed what we're currently paying for rent. I know, I know. It's going toward building equity. It's still, as I said in the first line, daunting. What is amazing to me, though, is that wherever and WHATever we buy will be ours. Our own home. We will have a bit of land. I can have an herb garden.

I'm about to start pipe-dreaming and rambling, so I shall stop before I embarass myself.

I'll post more tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed, my dears!