January 21st, 2004

serious Oracle

feeling mighty virtuous

I gave blood today. I really don't do it as often as I should, and I intend to make a point of going at least three times a year. Honestly, truly I will.

Anyway, today was far less stressful than last (which was my first) time. I'd made certain to drink plenty of water during the day - nigh on a gallon - and there was no wait at the center. I filled out my paperwork and got checked out by the screener. Blood pressure is fab, hemoglobins fine, pulse strong and temp absolutely normal. I love those strips they use to check temp, by the way. Very Connie Willis scifi.

I picked an empty seat and immediately had to ask the technician to wait, and where is the bathroom, please? A gallon of water in less than eight hours will do that to you, I suppose. When I returned, I hiked myself into the chair and chatted with the tech as he set everything up. "I cried last time I was here," I told him, "but I probably won't this time." I didn't, either. I didn't even flinch too hugely when he put the needle in. About five minutes later, I was done.

Then came the emotional blow: there were no cookies. There were saltines. There were sweet-cheese-filled pastries that looked as if they weighed around fifteen pounds each. Cookies, though, there were none. I comforted myself with orange juice. Just a small cup, but that's more than I've allowed myself in months. Ah, sugar!

Now I'm home and my kitties are all fuzzy and purring and I am feeling, as the title of this post indicates, all kinds of virtous. I'm going to go make a brilliant dinner now, then perhaps watch some 'Firefly' commentary.