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28 December 2005 @ 10:14 pm
First of all... *squishesandjoy!* to literaticat! The package arrived yesterday. Thank you!!! for gift-wrapping it. I took it out of the carboard and bubble wrap and had it waiting on the loveseat when my sweetie came home. He took one look at the dimensions and said, "NO WAY!" He opened it, all the while telling me I was a mad-spending-crazy-woman. Then we opened the book itself and he fell silent. Rapt.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now then... this week, other than the fabulous parcel of LittleNemo-ness, has been a bit sucky. I stumbled into work yesterday only to leave before noon. I got all of my shelving done. Then, shivering and headachy and fearful I might mar the lovely green B&N carpets, got permission to leave early. The drive home was abysmal. A brutal headache was abated somewhat by the lucky find of sunglasses stuffed into my glove compartment (but then there was the pressure of said glasses on my nose.. oy). On the down side, it was a constant guessing game of "Do I need to pull over to puke? No... I think I can make it a bit further..."

Yuck. Just.... yuck.

Today was considerably better. I was a bit wobbly this morning, but made it in to work sans-horrific-drive. Sadly, I was clear-headed enough to note that our store is in SUCK-BUTT shape! Honestly... it looks really, really bad. I did four H-carts of shelving, then did two V-carts of reshelves and three more of frontlist titles. Then two more of regular stock. Then straightened/alphabetized at least six bays. Gods, more if you consider the travel sections I worked on. All while answering phones and doing regular customer service.

No. I'm not going to get into my "how the hell are these people getting Lead pay when I do more in my three days than they accomplish in five? While accepting that phones are made to be answered, not ignored?" Gah.

Although I will say that one person has started answering phones. The other leads I had issues with? Still NOTHING. Maybe I should accept a Lead position and go to full time, if only to cut my work load. *fumes*

But. My kitties are happy and healthy, albeit a bit too plump. My psoriasis could be worse. I might not fit into my pants, but I could still be a smoker (expensive AND deadly!). My husband loves me. I have amazing friends. My writing does not suck utterly. My nieces think I'm cool.

Life could be a hell of a lot worse.
Troubleliteraticat on December 29th, 2005 04:28 am (UTC)
Oh, I am so glad it got there in one piece - I was picturing it stuck in a snowbank somewhere!