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12 December 2003 @ 11:44 pm
holiday frenzy  
Since I am a big ol' geek, and am going to the LotR marathon showing next Tues./Wed, I have very little time for holiday preparations. OK, work/phototherapy appointments/reharsals may eat into that time as well, but...

What that means is that I am trying to use any available time wisely. I woke up far later than I meant to this morning. I rolled myself into the shower (after getting online for a bit) and was out on the mean streets of northeastern NJ by noon. First good thing: I got a really nice set of bongos for Don. I headed next to my bookstore, where I tried to finish my holiday shopping whilst the extra-discount for employees was still in effect. Mostly, I managaed to buy things for myself (which I had held off on during the previous week, and I might add I was feeling pretty virtuous about that!), but I did purchase DVDs for my parents and my sister's boyrfriend. Then I headed to the marginally-less-evil Paramus Park Mall (the touchstone being the entirely-evil sprawling Garden State Plaza, the Aveda store being the one glimmer of goodness (unaffordable goodness, mind) therein). Macy's was a disappointment. I wanted to buy another flannel men's nightshirt for Don. Sadly, there were none to be found. So, I tromped into the Mall Proper, dodging folks who wanted to steam my clothes, install falls of false hair or massage my scalp with a copper wire-armed creation to pop into places I needed to go.
At the first stop, I needed to buy a gift certificate. The salesperson behind the register (apparently unable to manage such a transaction) shouted out to someone across the store for assistance. She coughed hard, then shouted again. "Sorry," she told me, "my voice is going. And I have to sing next Sunday!" "Ibuprofen and lots of water," I replied, the very Voice of Experience (spend eight weeks every summer doing half a dozen scenes AND two living Chess Games AND two jousts AND singing five sets... all outdoors, amid the chaos of other scenes/shows/hawkers and see how your singing voice holds up... oh, yes, you'll find how to keep it going!). Then, another woman came to help. She saw my pendant (the silver knight I was given on performing my first true joust). "Where did you get that?" she asked.
"New York Ren Faire," I replied. She mentioned she used to work for Renaissance Magazine (lucky!), and we chatted a bit whereon I finally mentioned that I was a jouster at NYRF... it was just a 'small world!' moment, and rather nice. I b
I had a lovely interaction at the Body Shoppe (just very, very nice employees) as well as at the Hallmark store (buying bayberry candles for our family tradition... I often wonder if anyone else does this?)
Then there was my experience in Old Navy. I was in line, patiently (really!) waiting my turn behind the one person ahead of me. Another register opened to my left. "Can I help the next person in line?" the cashier inquired. The rather elderly woman behind me turned (nearly plowing over the woman behind her) to go to the newly opened register. Screw that, man! I was the next person in line! Very gently, very sweetly, I said, "Ma'am? Excuse me, MA'AM?" until she finally turned back. I smiled. "You go ahead." Honestly! If she'd just met my eye, said "Do you mind?" Of COURSE I wouldn't have cared! It's just that 'every man for himself' mentality that I hate. Common courtesy, people. Ugh.
After the mall I was drained. I headed home to my kitties and my DVD player. I put in 'Whale Rider,' selected the director commentary, and wrapped gifts for two hours. I took a quick break to sniffle uncontrollably during the school concert scene, but on the whole I got a lot done. All of Don's stuff wrapped, most of my in-laws gifts done and a good deal of the items for my family. My, but I'm feeling virtuous!
Now I just need to wrap all of the gifts for online folk, and pack them up, and get those parcels to the post office...

with my luck, the woman from Old Navy will be there, too.
Nimnimue9 on December 13th, 2003 03:40 pm (UTC)
In defense of the mall folks, those copper-wire head-massaging things feel really good...probably not a good idea to try it in public. ;-) I have mostly books to wrap this year, which is nice since I fail at wrapping. Happy holidays, and may no old ladies bar your path!