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18 December 2005 @ 09:53 pm
I saw 'King Kong' last night.

I knew it was going to make me cry. I know how the story ends, after all (though I was rather hoping that Kong would somehow make his escape and book passage on a steamer back to Skull Island, perhaps disguised as a plucky young man out to make his way in the world. He would, of course, be wearing four-in-ones and a jaunty cap. Just so you all know: didn't happen).

It frelling broke my heart.

Yes, the movie was long, though I honestly did not feel that as I watched it. I could have done with three and a half minutes less of truly horrific bugs and crawlies. But, oh, Naomi Watts was wonderful: warm and funny and oh-so-ridiculously-stunning. Adrian Brody was charming and shirtless(!), though I was thoroughly, albeit unfairly, pissed off with his character at one point. I didn't hate Jack Black, though I hated Carl Denham with every fibre of my being. Jamie Bell... I want to hug him. And then hug him again, and maybe give him a hot bowl of soup. Just 'cause. The Captain of the Venture was rather schmexy.

And then there was Kong.

Yep. Broke my heart. A lot.

There were wonderful nods to the original 1933 movie, from the 'lost' scene (which in itself included a visual of 'lost film') to some of the original dialogue to a passing mention of Fay (Wray). The Empire State Building scenes were astounding. Kong's interaction with the planes? Wow.

I'll stop blithering about it now.

And speaking of movies that make me cry... memo to myself: Never watch 'Galaxy Quest' when you are hormonal. Idiot.

As I've already watched 'A Little Princess' and 'Timeline' is most definitely out (TREBUCHET!), I popped in the aforementioned 'Galaxy Quest' to provide background amusement as I wrapped presents today. Enrico Colantoni is so utterly sweet and trusting. Gah. And Alan Rickman is blasted brilliant. I got teary at the end, when the kids who helped guide the Protector in were in the audience and James Nesmith saluted them. I sniffled at the final 'Never give up, never surrender!'

I am such a tool. *facepalm*

On the plus side, most of my friends' gifts are wrapped, and all of the gifts for Don's family. Heads up to those I send presents to: chances of you getting them before/by Christmas are pretty much nil. I am so very sorry!!!!
Katevegryffindor on December 19th, 2005 04:31 am (UTC)
I laugh because just before this post, a friend of mine from school has posted "Never give up, never surrender." ^_^
(no subject) - trongersoll on December 19th, 2005 04:46 pm (UTC) (Expand)