Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I saved Christmas!

In a sense. Our tree lights stopped working. Full stop. An extra strand that Don had put on at the end (and thus plugged in independently of the rest) was all that lit up. I was not fancying taking all of the lights off to find and fix the problem. That would mean denuding the tree of all other decoration as well. Meh.

On a whim, I replaced the fuses in the last plug. I've never replaced fuses in a string of lights before. To be perfectly honest, before this December I didn't even know you could. I just happened to notice wee fuses in the baggie with the replacement bulbs that come with each set of lights. Short story shorter, now the lights are all a'twinklin'.

Call it Good Fortune. Call it Fate. Call it Plain Old Common Sense.

I prefer to call it I Saved Christmas.

Surely that merits a Rankin-Bass-esque Claymation holiday special.
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