Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

This is my tradition: when wrapping Christmas gifts, I watch A Little Princess*. I just do. And it always makes me weepy. PMS (or rather, MMS) makes it all the more keen.

But, gifts still to be wrapped, my weepy-movie over, what is a girl to do? 'Timeline' seemed apt. I tried watching it once before and found it, well, unwatchable. Still, thought I, Billy Connolly, Gerard Butler, horses, swords, jousts and battle? Give it another shot. I entered mid-battle. There was a trebuchet. Even had I not seen the trebuchet, I would have known it was there. Why, you may ask? Because people kept shouting 'TREBUCHET!!!!!!!' pretty much nonstop for about four or five minutes. Honestly. Even when it wasn't launching fiery doom. At one point, after wrapping a package of Thai Lime Cashews, I turned to my kitty and shouted, 'TREBUCHET!!!' It was echoed moments later on the TV screen. What up with all the Trebuchet Shouting?

* I know they changed it radically from the book. I know this. I do not care. The movie is lovely.
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