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06 December 2005 @ 10:18 pm
I'm so far ahead in my holiday shopping, I'm actually a bit cranky that my bookstore's Emp. Appreciation Days (ha) do not begin until Friday. Don't they know I want to finish up, here? Sheesh.

As a side note, I have discovered the joys of Harry and David. If you have horror stories about them, please withhold until after January 1st. I'm basking in this lovely, rosy glow. Do not rob me of that. Here's the thing. Don has one sibling (oldest sister) that is tough to buy for, mainly because we don't really know her tastes (save that they're expensive; if anyone remembers me describing the four story Hoboken townhouse some time ago? Yeah. Hers. *drool*). Don came up with the idea of a 'food' gift, perhaps from Omaha Steaks. I thought mayhap a fruit of the month type thing. Well, as luck would have it, Harry and David (they've a store in Woodbury Commons; could that be handier?) does a lovely monthly fruit thing. Brilliant.

Also, Don's Mom has a December birthday. Again, not easy to shop for. H&D has a lovely red house rose in a pretty container AND they donate a portion to Habitat for Humanity. Score!

Then there is my mom. Who adores fresh fruit and is still on the road to recovery from this spring's heart surgery. Another box o' fruit.

AND... I was told that if I ordered in the store, there would be free shipping for orders over $100, even it was to multiple addresses.

So I got the five months of fruit for Don's sis and her hubby, the roses for mom-in-law's birthday, healthful fruit for my own mum and an H&D shopper's card. Which, by the way, entitles you to a free box of chocolate truffles when you hit $150. Which I did (barely). But... woohoo! Easy gift giving and free chocolate.

I'm on such a Harry and David high that I went to their website to order another, different coloured house rose for Don's oldest sis - whose birthday is also in December.

I am feeling SO accommplished. If only those damned Emp. Appreciation Days (ha) would roll around!
holding her tonic like a cross_shades_ on December 7th, 2005 03:33 am (UTC)
Harry and David's is amazing. I used to work next door to one and the chocolate that those people put out should get them nominated for a Nobel Prize. Chocolate/caramel/salty moose-munch popcorn is the answer to any pms woe.