Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

So we got our chimney cleaned today by Garrulous Chimney Sweep (who was rather surprised that I was baking from scratch, but more than happy to take a cookie as he left) in preparation for a long, cold winter in which oil prices are going to be Just Plain Bad and so we'll be winter-proofing our home in a big way and trying to get the most out of our woodburning stove.

We still need to get an oil delivery; the stove won't be able to do it all. The burner needs to be serviced before that and, in fact, before it can be used.

So... since we have a happy, healthy and fit chimney thanks to the cookie-loving G.C.S., I thought, "Hey! We can light a fire tonight against the damp and chill!" Off I went to the woodpile to chop kindling (no worries) and lug firewood into the house (considerable worries - read on to see why!). All was well for the first load. Second go-round? Not so much. The first log I lifted revealed spiderwebs and TWO HUGE HONKIN' (I think they were) BROWN RECLUSE SPIDERS.

I shrieked. Loud and long and girly. Then I decided that I had more than enough wood for a fire this evening, and ran (again, rather more girly than usual) back inside.

I'm wondering... could one of those spiders have been the very same arachnid who was lurking in my bathroom lo these many weeks ago?


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