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24 November 2003 @ 07:40 pm
a petty annoynce  
It all began on Friday. I was in Stop n' Shop and remembered that I was almost out of Diet Coke. It's become a dear friend of mine, this fizzy brown beverage, since I started doing the Atkins diet. No sugar, you see. Anyway, I'm very fond of the refrigerator packs of cans. It's a slim box that fits perfectly inside your fridge and assures that you always have a nice cold soda to hand. Stop n' Shop, however, was out of these packs. They had every other variety of Coke and Coca Cola product imaginable. Just no Diet refrigerator packs. "Harumph," thought I, "and alack! But no worry. I shall get more when I go to the A&P on Monday."

Flash forward to today at the A&P. Much to my annoyance, they, too were out of this product. Not only that, they had no six packs of cans or of the small bottles (which were on sale). In addition, they did not have lentils in any form, nor did they have low-carb bread. Grumbling, I purchased my produce and canned diced tomatoes and went to King's, which is just around the corner.

Lentils they had, and low-carb bread (though not the brand I prefer). But, you may wonder, did they have Diet Coke refrigerator packs? No. No, they did not. As with the A&P, they only had this felicitous libation in two litre containers (which I dislike as 1- they don't fit well in the fridge and 2- they tend to go flat rather quickly).

I must ask, "What gives? Has there been some secret Diet Coke recall to which I have not been privy?"

Oh, for the days when I could drink the regular stuff.
I feel: befuddled
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