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A rain-less rehearsal... can it be?

As I arrived at the faire site today, a very odd thing happened. The sun broke through the clouds. I stared at it for a moment, wondering if I had the day right. After all, it's supposed to rain at every joust rehearsal, isn't it? The paddocks are still veritable swamps, and the joust field is sloppy, but at least we were not being drenched while we worked.

It was a productive day. Rusty (one of our new equine recruits) was there, so Lewis worked with her. She did splendidly! Never even batted an eyelash at the equipment- and there is a lot of it currently on the field. He took her through the obstacle course with considerable success. Now if only we can find her gas pedal. She's accustomed to loping, but as she's a smart horse, I do not doubt we can encourage her to greater speed. Oso was being pokey today. He just felt a bit off. Even so, we did quite a bit, and I really feel like the work I've been doing with him is paying off. JT commented on my improving horsemanship, which made me really happy.

What I really want- and need- to do is start hitting things with lances. My muscles are woefully out of shape, and I want to be rock solid by the time we get to on site rehearsals. Too, we're supposed to be getting new shields with a slight curve to them, and this will necessitate learning a new way of hitting.

I just want to be good. Better than good. I want the show to rock.
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