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12 September 2005 @ 05:48 pm
A three-day performance weekend followed by four days in which to recover makes for a tired and emotionally weary cast. Tired actors make for potentially ill actors, and indeed a bug of some sort was making the rounds. I hope all are recovered! As for the weekend itself, the weather was lovely but the gate was not all that large.

Saturday was small, crowd-wise, but a good day. Nothing remarkable in any of my fights. Wench sets were nice and sharp. Joust 1 was okay save for a bit of a kerfuffle with the Gisbourne/Ivanhoe passes. I had a perfect run on the games, but failed miserably in the flag and ring tosses. Oh, here’s a Happy: since Nick won’t be and Joust 1 for the last two Saturdays, Squire Rich will be filling in on the games. He has a wonderful story about coming to the Faire as a wee kid and being knighted by one of the Jousters (turns out this was J.T., by the bye, who had told us this story from his viewpoint years ago). Ever since then, all he has wanted is to be a knight. He started squiring at the Faire last year. He is a very hard worker – anything that needs doing, he will do (frankly, Bill and Mike are the same way). His riding has improved by leaps and bounds, and we’ve been training him at the games. Keeping in mind that we wanted Nick there the first time Rich did this – and the fact that his parents were there – Rich rode in Saturday’s games.

Before he mounted, he stood there in a borrowed tabard and gorget. He looked up at me, all seriousness. “Kelly,” he said, “since I was two years old.”

I grinned and – yeah, shut up! – blinked back tears. “Kick ass out there.” Apparently, he did. I was backstage awaiting my turn, so I didn’t see. After, we needed to get Nick back on Boo for the Joust passes, so Jeff (in beautiful bad-guy fashion) just pushed Rich off. The boy did a gorgeous sprawling fall and that was that.

Later, I mentioned that when he was a knight, he should have what I consider to be his catchphrase (“Not with that attitude!”) on his shield in Latin. He beamed. “You just said ‘when’ I’m a knight.”

“Damn right.”

Squires make me happy.

Joust 2 was a decent show. There were no injuries but not as many double hits as Nick and I wanted. Still - no harm, no foul.

Don and I had decided to camp that night which, in hindsight, might not have been the best idea. It got Very Chilly.

Dinner was nice, though. We had veggie chili ‘round the fire. Actually, ‘round the fire-pit filled with oil lamps and candles. Here I shall toot my own horn: my veggie chili kicks some serious ass.

Sunday was a rough one. It started with the shower. Now, there was no shortage of hot water, nor did we have to wait in line (the latter because I get us up insanely early for this very purpose). No, it was the stepping out of the hot shower into the cold pre-dawn chill. It is rather like ripping off a band-aid; quickly done is best.

‘Robin Hood meets Maid Marian’ ended up being just that. That is all.

Chess Game 1, I got seriously wobbly right before my fight. We bobbled in a few places (Kel was not convinced it was all my fault; I, however, am) but made it through. I think that was the very moment when the hidden Fuck-You finally caught up with me. Dammit. I was spry and resilient once!

In the first Joust I was one target short of a perfect game. Ring toss was lovely – save for one toss that is always a bit off. I got three out of four, though, and the audience was pleased. Funny thing, though – whenever I rode into ‘my’ pocket (the good guys’ side), two little boys were booing me. “Really,” I said, mustering hurt indignation, “you don’t even know me!” Later, after I’d fallen and gone into the crowd to wait to bring forth our Queen of the Joust, another little boy came over to me. He was wearing black fabric ‘armor,’ and he might have been about six years old. I asked his name. Grinning, he told me. I noticed he was holding a blue and grey (the colours of Sir Nicholas, who had just unhorsed me) flag. “But did you cheer for me?” I asked. Poor kid stared at me, wide-eyed. “It is all right if you did not.” He shook his head. “Well, then, you see? You helped your knight win!”

Inside, I have to admit, I was thinking, is it me? Maybe little boys just hate Maid Marian. Or, more specifically, me. *scuffs toe in dirt * Then again, I saw the same kid later and he was all smiles and “Hi, Maid Marian!”

I’ve started staying for the first song or two of the Crimson Pirates’ 2:30 set. On Sunday, we did ‘Jock Stewart.’ which I last did three months prior at the Paddock Party. My voice was a bit trashed, but I made it through. I even remembered the phantom fifth verse that my brain refused to recall that very morning. And, as a bonus, I got a lovely compliment from a dear friend that near brought me to tears. I am such a sap (side note: almost typed ‘spaz,’ which also works).

Upon leaving that set to head backstage, I was stopped by a family. The parents complimented me upon my horsemanship.** This is always a surprise and always incredibly lovely. We chatted a bit, then they said, “Oh, who was the other one that was really good? Sir Nicholas! He’s a very good rider, too.” I couldn’t wait to tell that to the boy. He still doubts himself.

Before ‘Meet the Band,’ I started to feel seriously ill. Panic set in as I wondered if I’d managed to catch the bug that was making the rounds. Fortunately, adrenaline kicked in and got me through the worst of it. Oh, and vampcurse? Your man is adorable.

Now then. This weekend was not a good Archery weekend for Kel. The words “sucked,” “monkey” and “butt” come to mind.

Joust 2 was interesting. On the first pass (a double on the list) Gisbourne and Ivanhoe lead go first, followed by Sir Nicholas and myself. Gisbourne dropped his lance on my side of the list; I tried to move Oso around it. He jumped it instead. So, no hit for Nick and I, but no injuries. We did our next pass with no problem. On the third, Nick hit me a bit low/inside and, as you know if you listened to my rather loopy phonepost, my shield slammed back against my hip.


I rode into the pocket, breathing through the pain. Nick knew he’d hit me low, and was looking back to make sure I was okay. His horse took an abrupt turn and off he came.

This is where it all goes fuzzy for me. All I know is that at various points, Jeff and Paul were screaming for lances. Nick got back on (I’m told the Sheriff insisted since he was not unhorsed by another rider; quick thinking on his and D.’s parts). We did one pass where he had neither shield nor helm. As we missed the helm hit, he rode to the pocket where I was waiting for the next pass and slammed me there.

My squire, in the meantime, sprinted the field twice over to get Nick’s shield back to him.

We did the rider to ground stuff with Ivanhoe/Gisbourne/Sir Nicholas. By then, Nick had his helm and shield back. We did our last passes and went into the final scene and ground fight.

Here I must say this: several people who stand onstage during this joust told me what an amazing job we all did with that show. I was told it didn’t look like the clusterfuck I imagined it must be. For that, I must thank EVERYONE on the ground. First, thanks to K. and R. They kept the show going and made sure the right lances got passed off to us. Others on the ground, including crimsontom and vampcurse handed us equipment, caught and cleared tossed lances and made sure we were well with considerable aplomb. To the performers who covered on microphone: nothing but love, guys. I can not thank all of these people enough. I am honoured to work with such a crew!

Needless to say, I didn’t stay out to talk to the kids after the ground fight. When I went backstage, one of the EMTs had two icepacks waiting. I assured him I did not need to be checked out, that it was only a bruise (a bad one, to be sure, but nothing more serious). Kel helped me get changed and we hobbled over to Pub Sing, me with an ice pack under my tights and over my left hipbone. Pretty, pretty Kelly!

Finally, huge hugs to aryiana for making banana bread - this in addition to two days’ worth of brownies! – for my dearest husband. You really are too much, dear!


Ummm… I can not for the life of me recall my caviar verse from Saturday. *facepalm*
EDIT! I remembered.

I gave caviar to a harpist,
She was down and out of luck.
Now her skills are in demand;
I hear she makes ten pounds a pluck.

Daedelus flew to the Ball,
He’d heard it was the spot.
Perhaps I’ve set my sights too high,
But his son is really hot.

I gave caviar to a drummer
We worked out a trade – don’t scoff.
He showed me his rhythm method
Then I helped him beat it off.

Morpheus, the King of Sleep,
May seem aloof and friendless.
I’d extol his Dreamy virtues but then
This Ball verse would be Endless.

**This is something I’ve been hearing quite a bit this year. I know I’m not brilliant. I don’t have a huge amount of training. But I do think I’m pretty decent rider, and to have this kind of feedback is a both flattering and overwhelming. All I can say is this: I know my horse loves me.
Adrienne C.adrienne429 on September 12th, 2005 10:14 pm (UTC)
Riding skill
On two different occasions, someone commented on how well you handled your horse.

Barbra's daughter, Tracy, was so amazed how good you were, she leaned over and whispered "She's really very good, has she been riding long?"
Nimnimue9 on September 12th, 2005 10:16 pm (UTC)
>This Ball verse would be Endless.

Oh, wow....I came this close to snarfing coffee all over my keyboard...I can't believe I missed this one! Glad everything turned out okay in the joust, and yes, there is nothing like a good cover from your fellows.
Jobs, baby, Jobs!picoland on September 12th, 2005 11:39 pm (UTC)


If you get a chance during the week go to MOCCA- the Vess show is up.
Katevegryffindor on September 13th, 2005 05:27 am (UTC)
Heee. Your life sounds so fun. ^.^ I would love to see you joust someday.
RabbiActorrabbitactor on September 13th, 2005 02:09 pm (UTC)
I'd say something about you being to hard on yourself, and how you're Uber-Faire-Multitalented-delightfullyPositive-AlphaUterus-Badass, but you've heard that a million times and #Million and One isn't going to make a difference.

Veggie Chili,... we must discuss your recipe at some point. Mmmm Chili Season... (drool)
Liadren McCarthymiatawolf on September 13th, 2005 02:57 pm (UTC)
I have been watching you for years. This will be my 15th year at NYRF. Personally I think you ride beautifully. There are not many female jousters and your are one of my favorites. I have heard many a times at faire the young girls say to their parents that they want to ride and joust like you. I love to hear that and I will try and endeavor to make sure that you get to hear them to. Best wishes and ((Hugs)). And don't forget your are registered with us at Fellowship Foundry. Stop by and tell us what you want maybe an adoring knight may buy it for you. (Robin and Marion are registered with us.It is one of our new selling lines.)
Mairearanturas on September 13th, 2005 03:52 pm (UTC)
Rich was fine in the games -- I actually decided to watch them for the first time in a while -- he also just looked so happy to be in a tabard on the horse -- too cute.

Being a decent rider means you can ride at different gaits without falling off. Riding at another horse, with a lance and shield and hitting the other riders shield -- must be more than decent in my book. And there are tons of girls who are rooting for you, and many who probably want to be you.