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11 November 2003 @ 09:37 pm
I am behind on NaNo. Big time.

So... I am going to curl up in bed with two purring kitties and my umpteenth rereading of Connie Willis' 'Bellwether.'

I have work and rehearsals the next two days (plus a phototherapy session), so I can not, WILL not stress about NaNo until Friday. At that time, I will whinge and complain, throw things (ok, probably not!) and beat my head against the desk. Then I'll write. Maybe I'll catch up. Who knows?
Ratesjulratesjul on November 12th, 2003 04:08 am (UTC)
define *behind*??

Oh, and maybe your friday, my saturday, we can just whinge at each other about being behind and not write either???

of course, that depends on schedules meshing, which of course the universe would be against... as it is.