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No more time travel dreams, thus far, but I did have a Faire dream last night.

I dreamt that it was pouring rain (maybe because it was, in truth, right outside my window). We did the Bridge scene and one of the ancient, waterlogged boards gave way*. While they were repairing it, we went to the ski lodge (which was far more luxurious than it is in real life) to run the fight. I accidentally tagged Hood on the knuckle. As he was applying pressure to stem the flow of blood, he started to tell me everything that I did wrong in that fight on a regular basis. Then, he moved on to all of my other fights. It took quite some time.

Holding back self-pitying sobs, I went back to the bridge. They'd rebuilt it entirely. It was very narrow, barely wide enough for two people to cross abreast.

I got in my regular clothes and went with the Jousters to Jeanne's farm. When we got there, we couldn't find any of the horses save Smoke.

*hmmmm. Wonder why that might have been in the dream. Any ideas, melkorspawn? :P

Hey, subconcious? I'd much rather have another adventure in time.
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